We are Roundtable Post

An independent post production facility
specialising in high-end Theatrical and HETV.

We Are Boutique

As an independent facility, we have no one to answer to but our clients. We look to the latest trends and listen carefully to your changing needs, to put in place the best solutions for your project. We are able to scale our talent and resources and can even point everything at a single project, if required. We can do all of this because we are boutique.

We Are Specialists

We truly understand the challenges that filmmakers face. Whether that's the challenge of tracking master archive on a feature documentary, working with other vendors to deliver VFX pulls or despotting film scans so that they hold up on the big screen - we'll use our specialist experience to empower you to tell your story.

We Are Bespoke

No two projects are the same. Every element of your film, from camera format, to piece of archive or sound recording should all be treated intimately to maximise it's potential. We use a tailored approach to come up with the solutions that are the best fit for your film. We do this by understanding your project, asking the right questions and offering you a completely bespoke service.

What Our Clients Say