Our Falklands War: A Frontline Story


Our Falklands War: A Frontline Story

Forty years ago, British troops returned home victorious from a short and brutal war. This film is the story of ten ordinary men who fought on the front line alongside one another in the Falklands War.

Very little of the frontline fighting on the islands was captured on film. So if you want to know what the Falklands War was really like, you need to ask the men who fought it.  Tasked with liberating the Falkland Islands from Argentina, British troops set sail from England in April 1982, returning ten weeks later.  In that time, their lives were changed forever. In their own words, with unflinching honesty and detail – some speaking for the first time – their stories revisit some of the most dramatic, impactful, bloody and life-changing moments of the war. For these men, it remains as vivid as they day they fought it.



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Alice Boreham – Post Producer

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Claire Winter – Digital Colourist

Edward Corrigan – Online Editor



Guy King

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August 25, 2022